Retiree/COBRA Benefits are for retirees and former St. Francis Area Schools employees who were contracted at or above 1,020 hours per year and enrolled in benefits at the end of their employment with St. Francis Area Schools.

These Medicare plans are only for those that are post 65. (You cannot enroll until three months before turning 65)

Health Partners
Journey Plan

Single, Journey Plan: $256.30

Family, Journey Plan: $512.60

Retiree National Choice Plan

Single, RNC Plan: $316.50

Family, Journey Plan $633.00

Public Employees Insurance Program (PEIP)

Medical benefits contact information:
Innovo Benefits Administration
952-746-3101 / 1-800-829-5601

Effective 7/1/23-6/30/24

Single, PEIP Advantage High Plan: $889.76
Family, PEIP Advantage High Plan: $2,355.10
High Plan Summary

Single, PEIP Value Plan: $798.06
Family, PEIP Value Plan: $2,110.28
Value Plan Summary

Single, PEIP HSA (Integrated and Retiree Funded Health Reimbursement Arrangement) Plan: $630.26
Family, PEIP HSA(Integrated and Retiree Funded Health Reimbursement Arrangement) Plan: $1,662.40
HSA Plan Summary

Enrollment or Waiving Coverage Form
PEIP Medicare Part D 2020 Credible Coverage Disclosure Information

Delta Dental Plans

Effective 7/1/2022- Increased plan year maximum to $1,250

Effective 07/01/2023

Single: $40.00
Single +1: $74.00
Family: $100.00

Delta Dental Rates

Delta Dental Summary

Voya Life Insurance

Retiree Life Policy $.33/$1,000
Basic Life Policy $.135/$1,000
Supplemental Life $.19/$1,000
Dependent Life $5,000 Policy: $1.25
Dependent Life $10,000 Policy: $2.00
Dependent Life $15,000 Policy: $5.40

Billing & Administrative Fees

Billing is administered through
COBRA/Retiree Benefits Administrator
COBRA/Retiree Admin:  Benefit Extras 
Phone: 952-435-6858

2024 Retirement Letter and Packet

Retirement Letter and Packet

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