Retiree Appreciation

The St. Francis Area Schools School Board honored the 2022-23 retirees during its meeting on May 22. During the meeting, each of the eight retirees was mentioned and thanked for their time and dedication to the district.

Retiring from SFAS this year are Jodie Casello with 28 years of service; Tracy Erickson with 25 years of service; Ann Rynning with 25 years of service; Pat Johnson with 25 years of service; Suzanne Plaisance with 20 years of service; Kim Murphy with 16 years of service; Marilyn Reinhardt with 12 years of service; and Lori Davis with 12 years of service. 

The recognition reads, "We offer our sincere gratitude to each of you for your commitment to our organization and our community. You exemplified values of honesty, integrity, and teamwork. Your compassion, guidance and outstanding leadership has provided us with an appreciation and fondness of your dedicated service. May all your years ahead be filled with joy and fulfillment you deserve. On behalf of the St. Francis Area Schools School Board, staff, students, and the community, we thank you."